We must all die. But if I can save a person from days of torture, that is what I feel is my great and ever new privilege. Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself.”

- Albert Schweitzer M.D.

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Physical Rehabilitation in Chronic Pain | Opioids and Chronic Pain | Approach to Treatment

Amarillo Interventional Pain Management

The Art and Science of Treating Pain

Welcome to our website. Amarillo Interventional Pain Management was started in 2010 for the treatment of pain. Pain, as noted in Dr. Schweitzer’s quote, is a terrible thing. Chronic pain can rob a person of sleep, work, relationships and the joy of life.


There is no single pill/drug, surgery, shot or exercise that will work for every person all the time. Many of the medications available to treat pain have potentially deadly side effects. Some pain medications can actually make pain worse when used at higher doses of for extended periods of time.


We will work with you to get better control of your pain using a three pronged approach of targeted minimally invasive procedures, medications and specific exercises. Using this approach we are able to help the vast majority of people who come to us as patients. Some people are able to be cured of their pain condition. Others we are able to get better pain control and have a better quality of life.


We live in a time where medical care is complex. Insurance can be difficult to deal with. We all want to feel better, to be heard and to be taken care of as human beings. This site list the conditions we treat and the procedures we perform. There is a section explaining our approach to treating pain. There are some instructional pages and resources listed. Remember, do not try any of the exercises without consulting your doctor.

New Patients are seen on referral only.